Atlanta’s Profitable Small Business Owners:

Our Goal is to Acquire and Operate a Single Business in the Greater Atlanta Area. With your help, Grafting Legacy's Principals will be dedicated to mastering the fundamentals of your business.

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About Grafting Legacy

Grafting begins with taking an old root stock that flourished but is now plateauing and integrating younger stems in order to bring new life into the vine. Our business search is geared towards owners who want to sell and move on, confident that the future of the business and professional reputation they built is in safe hands.


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Our Team

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Why Us?

Nobody can run your business better than you and you're correct to be concerned about who you are selling to.

Grafting Legacy

Your Company

100% of our effort and attention

Your Role

Flexible transition, full exit or remain on the board

Your Employees

Protected and developed with long-term growth focus

Principals' Focus

Grow your business after the sale

Capital Source

Successful entrepreneurs, executives, and investors

Time Horizon

Long term, preferably indefinite

Traditional Private Equity

Your Company

One piece of a large portfolio

Your Role

Multi-year commitment

Your Employees

At risk due to fixed-cost reductions

Principals' Focus

Flip your business for profit

Capital Source

Institutions, endowments, and pension funds.

Time Horizon

3 - 5 years


Your Company

One piece of a larger whole

Your Role

Minimal participation in future success

Your Employees

Labeled redundant

Principals' Focus

Absorb your customers and eliminate operations

Capital Source

Public / private investors / cash flow

Time Horizon

As quick as possible

Investment Criteria

Seller Criteria

  • Single Owner/Operator within State of Georgia
  • Motivated due to personal reasons such as retirement
  • Willing to facilitate smooth transition of ownership and responsibilities

Business Criteria

  • Strong Reputation
  • At least 3-5 years of consistent profitability
  • Underutilized Technology
  • EBITDA below $1M

Industry Criteria

  • Fragmented but sizeable industry (>$2B)
  • Non-cyclical
  • Consistent Industry Growth

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The Process

Grafting Legacy's seller-engagement procedures are as follows:

  • Introductory Communication

    • Intro Call
    • High-level business model overview
    • Discuss Owner's Disposition for Selling the Business
  • High-Level Due Diligence

    • Sign Confidentiality Agreement
    • Review most recent Financial Statements
  • Deep-Dive Due Diligence

    • Discuss Owner's Intentions and Aspirations
    • Sign Letter of Intent
    • Begin Due Diligence Period
  • Close the Deal

    • Finalize Deal Terms Details
    • Sign-off on Deal
    • Transfer Funds to Designated Party
  • Begin

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