Atlanta’s Small Business Owners:

Grafting Legacy provides strategic business services, from selling your business to expanding to new markets.

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Grafting begins with taking an old root stock that once flourished but is now plateauing and then integrating younger stems in order to extend the life of the vine.

The Grafting Legacy Platform is a community where you realize new potential. Explore our services below:

Sell your Business

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Grow your Business

Affordable technology implementations

Buy a Business

Dealflow, Mergers and Acquisition

Hire for your Business

Technical Talent Recruitment Services


Investors, Advisors, Partners

Professional Networking

Planting the Seeds to your Success


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Internships Available

Support Private Equity Professionals

Share Your Story

What do you want your legacy to be?

Your Business Goals


  • Market Research
  • Business Development
  • Agile Coaching and Delivery
  • Implement New Technologies


  • Tailored Direct and Intermediary Outreach
  • Back-office Due Diligence (financial, market, technology)
  • Brokerage Services with Access to Key Advisors
  • Sourcing Capital and Capital Structuring


  • Business Evaluation and Analysis
  • Teaser and Confidential Information Memorandum
  • Financial Retirement Planning and Wealth Management
  • New Personal Development Opportunities

If you need help with anything above, give us a call at (404) 984-4781 or email us at

The Process

We are flexible with how we structure our relationships.
We typically charge a monthly retainer and are also agreeable to cash
or equity success fee contingent on accomplishing your goal.

Grafting Legacy's engagement procedures are as follows:

  • Join Grafting Legacy Community

    • ✔ Hire new "A-player" employee

    • ✔ Connect with an expert

    • ✔ Close new customers

    • ✔ Source Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Discuss Best Practices and Mindset

    • ✔ Agile Planning and Coaching

    • ✔ 10x Growth

    • ✔ Success Club

  • Understanding Your Needs

    • ✔ Sign NDAs in order to share safely share information

    • ✔ Company Discovery

    • ✔ Targeted Market Research

  • Set Plan of Action

    • ✔ Scope Work

    • ✔ Agree on Budget

    • ✔ Execute and Deliver

  • Celebrate


    Discover Your Next Adventure

    • ✔ Continue to be the Hero

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